Flea market eyebrows? Pass....


Permanent eyebrows makeup (also called Microblading, 3D-eyebrows, and HD-eyebrows) is a beauty enhancement process that gives you semi-permanent fuller, thicker, shapely eyebrows by implanting tattoo pigment into the skin in the shape of individual eyebrow hair. Basically, it is a shallow tattoo that is implanted by a very thin blade instead of a tattoo gun.

If you’ve ever shopped for a tattoo, you review the artist’s work, right? You just didn’t go into the shop and ask “how much”. You probably did some homework.

The same applies to getting permanent makeup. Do you really want to get permanent makeup done—ON YOUR FACE – to the business with the lowest price? Do not treat it like going to the flea market. There is more to it than just finding the cheapest one and buying.

The prices for getting HD-eyebrows vary wildly in price, from the $99 special (scary) to upwards of a thousand dollars (really?). Don’t choose an artist based only on price. Do your homework.

There are massive differences in the quality of work from artist to artist, and your eyebrows, good or bad, will last years.

Here’s 10 things we’ve found to help find a great microblading artist.

  1. Make sure that you don’t buy from a business based only on the pictures on the internet, especially from your favorite discount coupon websites.

  2. Take a look at popular coupon discount websites and notice the pictures that are being used to advertise microblading. Those are photoshopped models taken from the internet and are not from the actual business doing the advertising.

  3. Arrange a consultation. Talk with the artist to get a feel for their knowledge and experience.

  4. You should be able to get a sense of confidence and knowledge level.

  5. Ask to see photos of their work

  6. Ask the artist to draw on a piece of paper the basic shape AND pattern they will draw on your eyebrows. They should be able to do something by hand.

  7. Ask them about pain level and numbing cream.

  8. They should be able to discuss pain levels, and give you explanations on the pain level.

  9. Ask them at what school they were trained and then do some quick research about that school to see what methods they use and what their work is like.

  10. Ensure that they have a permanent makeup license

  11. A cosmetology license is not enough. In Las Vegas, performing permanent makeup application requires a separate permanent makeup license that is different from a manicurist license or a cosmetology license.

  12. Ask to see the Las Vegas city inspection certificate

  13. All permanent makeup businesses in Las Vegas are required to be inspected by the city to ensure they have the proper facilities

  14. Ensure that the procedure will be done in a separate room

  15. In Las Vegas, it is against the law to perform permanent makeup procedures out in the open. All permanent makeup procedures are required to be done in a room with a sink and other equipment.

  16. And the obvious one, look for reviews. A good site to look for reviews is Google business. Google has a way to identify fake reviews, so you can be more confident.

This is not a perfect list, but if you do these 10 things, you will have gone a long way to ensuring you get top quality results for this semi-permanent procedure. There are fantastic artists out there.

We would be glad to answer any questions you may have when trying to find an artist. You can email us at info@eyeconicvegas.com or contact us through our website at www.eyeconicvegas.com and click on the Contact button.