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Microblading in Las Vegas

Heavenly, natural looking pattern

Prevent scar tissue and pain by receiving the proper technique

What is Proper Microblading?

Proper Microblading gives beautiful and natural looking eyebrows by implanting tattoo ink with a very fine blade to draw individual hairs to give natural looking eyebrows.

When done correctly, it prevents scar tissue from forming under the skin because the pigment is implanted at the perfect depth.

Many microblading procedures are done incorrectly, causing the pigment to be implanted too deep. This also can be painful during the treatment.

Phibrows Microblading By Eyeconic Artists Is World Class


Phibrows Artists Are Tops In The Industry 

Come see me and get captivating eyebrows without the scar tissue and pain.


I am one of the few Phibrows trained microblading artists in Las Vegas. We receive some of the most rigorous training in the world.


My training, combined with my years of experience, means you can trust me to use perfect technique, ensuring you get stunning eyebrows without the scar tissue and pain.


Eyeconic is the place in Las Vegas for mcroblading.

Great Value & Lasting Effect

Microblading broken down to a monthly basis costs as much as a nail fill! After just two visits to my Las Vegas shop, you'll have stunning eyebrows that last for up to 18 months.


Your Secret For Saving Time Every Day

You can save time every day by avoiding fiddling with or drawing your eyebrows. Instead, come see me for perfect eyebrows that look good from the time yo wake up to when you step out of the pool.

Testimonials (Only Five Star Ratings On Google, Yelp, and Facebook)

​I have done eyebrow removal 3 times [using] laser removal, 1 time manual removal before i came to see [Eyeconic]. It was so painful each time I had laser removal, and a lot of bleeding. But today, [Eyeconic] did my eyebrow removal! Such a great job. There was no pain, nor bleeding whatsoever. Highly recommended if you want to have microblading or removal. Go to Eyeconic. They are the best.

Kimmie, Sarah, Rachel & the entire staff are friendly, knowledgeable and well trained. The spa is very clean & comfy.
I've gotten an amazing facial here and will be having Kimmie fix my eyebrows next week. *I went to another micro-blade spa and it was a mistake. They will also be fixing my eyelash extensions as well. 
Don't go anywhere else even if you find a Groupon for less $. I made that mistake :(
Check them out & spread the word. They are all wonderful & hard working women:)

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Microblading First Session

4-6 Week Second Session




10120 South Eastern Ave Suite 345 Henderson, Nevada 89052

Near St Rose Dominican Hospital


Sign Up For Your First Session Here

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